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Automatic Binding Machine

Sound familiar?

Printing and binding is laborious and costly.
High-volume periods require additional resources.
The complexity of binding leads to mistakes.

But that's all about to change.

Introducing the automatic ring binding machine.

New binding technology from MAX

Cut production time and costs with this new binding technology from MAX.

How it works

How it works How it works

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New feature

New Add Value punch Die sets for Comb & Twin Loop enhance your punch versatility.

Still binding manually?

Take a look at the numbers below to learn why you shouldn't be.


Konica Minolta RINGBINDER Specifications

RINGBINDER Specifications

For A4 size MB-200 (9967008445)
Print systems

Accurio Press C14000 / C12000

Accurio Press C4080 / C4070 / C4065

Accurio Press C6100 / C6085

Accurio Press C3080 / C3080P / C3070 / C3070L / C83hc

Accurio Press 6136 / 6136P / 6120

bizhub PRO 1100

Weight 125kg
Dimensions 695mm(W) x 704mm(D) x 1028mm(H)
Paper size
Punching: A4
Punching & Binging: A4
Bypass: Width 90 – 330mm
Length: 140 – 1300mm
Paper Weights
Ring Binding68-256gsm
  300 gsm paper is only available with specific brands at normal temperature and humidity.
Stacking Capacity 100-sheets Document 8 Books
Binding Capacity 2 to 100 sheets (80gsm)
Punch 23 holes (A4)
Additional Punch
(Only punch mode)
21 holes (A4 Comb) 34 holes (A4 Twin Loop)
Tab Stock Supported

100 sheets White MB-S100A4W2 (9967008449)

100 sheets Black MB-S100A4B2 (9967008448)

50 sheets White MB-S50A4W2 (9967008447)

50 sheets Black MB-S50A4B2 (9967008446)


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